Weeds are ugly. When they crop up on your property they make you premises unsightly and in the long run affect your public image and business. Weeds around building and warehouses provide a breeding place for rats, mice, insects and often reptiles.

Around oil tanks, refiners and pipelines, dried weeds are a major fire hazard. Pressure exerted by weeds causes cracks in buildings, heaves pavement and even damages foundations. Poisonous plants such as Parthenium hysterophours (congress grass) cause severe allergic conditions like dermatitis, asthma etc.

Unwanted weeds and grass around your plant and building are costly in time, manpower, equipment replacement and repairs. You can easily reduce these costs and release maintenance staff for other productive assignments.

Mechanical or manual weeding provides, at best, partial or temporary relief for most weeds grow as fast as they are removed. Effective, efficient and enduring weed-free conditions can be obtained only by chemical measures. Proper chemical application will ensure eradication of the existing vegetation and prevent growth.

This would demand a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of weeds that are commonly encountered and their growth pattern; a perfect understanding of weedicidal chemicals, their properties and application techniques and an ability to relate these to soil types, temperature and other climatic conditions which are vital variables in any weed control operation.

The presence of a weed problem is often not fully realized until after the best time for treatment has passed. A careful inspection while emphasizing the damage done will serve to provide accurate information to the weed control technician on which to base his treatment.A small investment on BPC weed control service has proved to be a long term savings programme.

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